products on-line coating syp pyrolytically online coated solar control glass – sl60
syp pyrolytically online coated solar control glass – sl60
product introduction:

sl60 is developed by syp group independently on the basis of applying the cvd coating technology from pilkington. sl60 is typically well-designed coated shading product to meet the requirements of energy saving of chinese architectural market. the coatings of sl60 stick on the surface of glass when producing float glass by cvd coating technology. the coatings are durable and easy for long term storage, handling and processing.

product characteristics

1. pyrolytically online coated; durable coating surface.

2. stylish look, beautiful color.

3. durable, easy to handle, easy processing (cutting, laminating, tempering, bending, silk screening).

4. no edge deletion required.

5. coating will not peel off, stain or discolor under normal circumstance.

product specifications


standard sizes:3300mm×2440mm、3300mm×2134mm

detailed parameters


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