products on-line coating syp suncool 60 glass (sc60)
syp suncool 60 glass (sc60)
product introduction:

suncool 60 (sc60) shading pyrolytically online coated low-e glass is developed by syp group on the basis of applying the cvd coating technology from pilkington. sc60 is typically well-designed shading online low-e coating product to meet the requirements of energy saving of chinese architectural market. as the ideal choice for curtain wall and window glass, sc60’s elegant neutral color and excellent shading function can save the load of hvac and make the hot summer sunlight becomes soft.

product characteristics

several layers of durable coating can stick with the surface of float glass by unique cvd coating technology. with the unique coating, sc60 can reflect over 80% far ir, and also absorb some near ir. sc60’s good spectral selectivity can achieve the best balance between light and heat control. 

1.popular elegant neutral grey color appearance.

2.stable performance and color appearance.

3.stable pyrolytic coating materials; can be used in monolithic 

form and stored for long time.

4.easily handled, cut, edged, tempered, heat-strengthened, bent and enameled like clear float glass.moderate visible light transmittance, uniform colors and lower external reflectivity provide excellent decorative shading performance.

product specifications

monolithic: 2134-6000mm×3300mm or customized thickness and sizes by request

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