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transparent conducting oxide(tco)
product introduction:

tco(transparent conducting oxide) glass is clear conductive glass, made by coating a transparent conducting oxide film (mainly including in, sn, zn and cd oxide and composite multiple oxide film) uniformly on the surface of flat glass by a physical or chemical coating method.

tco glass is firstly used for flat panel display. in recent years, the price rise of crystalline silicon has greatly promoted the development of thin-film solar cell. at present, thin-film solar cell accounts for over 10% of world’s solar pv market shares, and solar pv tco glass as a necessary component of cell front electrode has rapidly increasing market demand, and becomes a dominant high-tech coated glass product.

product characteristics

1. high transmittance: absorb more sunlight and improve photoelectric conversion efficiency.

2. conductivity: tco conductive coating has a very low electric resistance, and can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.

3. haze: to increase the capacity of semiconductor layer of thin-film cell in light absorption, pv tco glass needs to control the scattering power of transmission light, and the capacity is expressed by haze. haze can also be adjusted by different pv cell requirements.

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