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syp uva80 self-cleaning glass
product introduction:

syp uva80 is chinese first pyrolytic selfcleaning glass. this revolutionary kind of glass actually uses the power of the sun to clean itself.syp uva80 is applied to float glass via on-line chemical vapor deposition, it is an integral part of one surface of the glass, and lasts the entire life of the glass. syp uva80 uses daylight which is abundant even on cloudy days to keep windows clean with a two-step process.

1. syp uva80 loosens dirt, and gradually breaks down organic residue with a special self-cleaning surface that uses energy from daylight.

2. when it rains, the water sheets off the syp uva80 surface, removing dust particles and inorganic dirt so windows dry without spots and streaks. under most conditions, natural rain is sufficient to keep the window clean. and in dry weather, a quick spray with the hose will achieve the same results. syp uva80 dramatically reduces window cleaning, providing crisp, clear views.the proper application of syp uva80 is with the syp uva80 surface glazed to the exterior of a building (#1 surface) in either a monolithic or insulating glass unit (igu). the syp uva80 surface requires several days exposure to daylight to be activated.

when combined in an igu with an inboard lite of syp energy advantage™ low-e glass or syp solar-e™ solar control low-e glass (coating on #3 surface); it provides the ultimate energy efficient/low maintenance package in one window.

product characteristics

1.saves cleaning time and costs 

2.breaks down organic dirt

3.sheets water away 

4.never needs re-treating

5.environmentally friendly 

6.uv control properties

7.easily fabricated 

8.color neutral

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