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syp tec&wg glass
product introduction:

syp provide a series of tec&wg glass products with “thermal and heating” properties with advanced technology of nsg. tec&wg glass features includeanti-reflective treatment ,enhanced transparency, light transmittance and conductivity,etc. because of the on-line coating production,tec&wg glass provides good electrical conductivity, and thermal control and heating performance .tec&wg glass is ideal used for passive condensation control and thermal performance, with the lowest thermal transmittance and the clearest visuals.

product characteristics

1.conductivity: electrically conductive for heated and thermal control,electrostatic dissipation and reduced transmittance of electromagnetic radiation.

2.color neutral: minimizing reflected color; increase transmittance and reduce haze to increase clarity.

3.durable surface: with the on-line coating technology, metal coating combines with the glass at high temperature,which can protect the glass from abrasion, oxidation and fade.

4.easy processed: durable pyrolytic coating can be easily processed (cut, insulated, laminated, heat-strengthened and tempered).

5.bendable: the glass can be heated and bent.

6.ideal applications: automotive backlite, solar pv glass, switchable glass, touch screen glass, freezer, refrigerator,microwave and oven glass.

7.good supply: shorten lead time, better cost control.

8.available in a variety of glass thicknesses and sheet resistances.

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