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syp privacy grey tinted float glass
product introduction:

privacy grey tinted float glass is float glass with colorant added during production. with the colorant added, the transparent clear float glass change to low transmittance body tinted glass with bright dark grey color. it is suitable to make automobile sunroofs, sidelites, architectural windows/curtain walls, etc.

product characteristics

1.privacy grey tined float glass was specially developed for automobile sunroofs and sidelites, and has excellent heat insulation function. with around 10% visible light and solar energy transmittance, sc value around 0.40, the glass can block 50% solar heat into the car. it has excellent energy saving and environmental protection features.

2.thanks to the less than 2% uv transmittance, the glass can protect the organic materials inside the car from the uv light, and leads to longer durability of the interiors.

3.excellent privacy features. the designers and customers have high requirements of privacy protection. they don’t want other people to see through the glass from outside, while the passengers inside can observe the outside without any problem. the privacy grey tinted float glass can ensure about this and protect the passengers’privacy inside the car.

product specifications

thickness: 2mm~19mm max size: 6500x3300mm min size: 500x700mm

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