products tinted glass solar green (a-green) tinted float glass for automobile
solar green (a-green) tinted float glass for automobile
product introduction:

solar green (a-green) tinted float glass has high absorbability of ultraviolet radiation and infrared. it was developed by syp group’s r&d dept. 

with special colorant added in the production of normal float glass, solar green (a-green) has much better ultraviolet and infrared absorbing performance than ordinary body-tinted glass. it is a kind of high absorbing, high transmittance, fashionable color appearance, energy-saving tinted float glass.syp’s solar green (a-green) tinted float glass can meet different requirements for visual effects and energy saving effects of automotive and architectural industry. you can also do further processing by tempering, insulating and laminating.

in terms of automotive industry, with the strong advantage of tinted float glass, syp group is now the most important supplier of automotive glass manufacturers. we are so confident that solar green (a-green) will become the next generation of popular products in the automotive glass industry.

product characteristics

1.high visible light transmittance.

2.absorbing sunlight radiation and uv, blocking heat and saving energy.

3.suitable for various types of fabrication.

product specifications

thickness: 1.6mm~6mm max size: 6500x3300mm min size: 500x700mm

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