products on-line coating syp solar-f cool glass(sfc)
syp solar-f cool glass(sfc)
product introduction:

solar-f cool(sfc) is a high shading coefficient, on-line energy saving glass introduced by shanghai yaohua pilkington glass group co., ltd. from pilkington uk - the world's top glass manufacturing group. based on the innovative coating technology of pilkington uk, syp has not only adopted the methodology but also independently researched and developed sfc ---- on line coated glass products with a new type of high light transparency and a regulated sunshade effect. the sfc range of products will result in energy saving by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from both architectural and automotive markets. sfc is suitable to use as curtain wall glass, doors and windows glass, auto-glass and other applications. sfc has a very high level of uv absorption and low-e performance, a very elegant green color and an excellent sunshade function.

product characteristics

1.using high temperature cvd technology on float glass surface to form a thin durable semi-conducting coating, which can reflect more than 85% of far infrared energy, at the same time absorb ultraviolet light with good spectral selective feature and achieving the best balance of light and heat.

2.a moderate ratio of visible light transmittance.

3.quietly elegant downy green color and excellent sunshade function

4.stable color and performance, durable to both flat and curved glass products. its performance and color can keep consistency.

5.coating materials are stable and the glass can be used as a single piece. the glass does not need any special processing to be stored for a long time.

6.processing sfc glass in the same way as doing ordinary float glass, such as cutting, edge grinding, tempering and bended tempering or only bending and applying colored ceramic on the coating surface, etc.

product specifications

thickness:2mm~12mm size:6500mm x 3300mm

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