products tinted glass f-green tinted float glass for automobile
f-green tinted float glass for automobile
product introduction:

tinted float glass is float glass with colorant added during production. with the colorant added, the transparent clear float glass change to body tinted bright green color. it is suitable to make automobile windshields, sidelights , architectural windows, etc.

product characteristics

1.f-green tinted float glass was specially developed for windshields, with light transmittance up to 79% (4mm)

2.with the solar transmittance of 53% and sc value 0.75, the f-green made windshields provide the clear vision for drivers and passengers , absorb and reflect the solar radiation, then save the fuel consumption of automotives.

3.the performance and color remain the same no matter flat or curved processing.

product specifications

thickness: 1.6mm~12mm max size: 6500x3300mm min size: 500x700mm

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