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syp clear float glass
product introduction:

the modern float glass process was invented by pilkington in 1952 and pilkington sets up the world standard for the production of high quality glass. in 1987, syp group introduced the float glass technology from pilkington uk, and became the first manufacturer to produce 1.8mm to 25mm high quality float glass in china. among the five float lines of syp group, two of them applied the full sets of technology and equipments of pilkington and one of them applied the technology of nsg japan. syp group produces the highest quality of float glass in china and always enjoys the good reputation for decades.

product characteristics

1. stable quality, good annealing to eliminate thermal stress, low self-explosion rate.

2. high processing yield, good for cutting, excellent optical performance, excellent zebra angle.

3. very flat surface, even thickness and low reflection image distortion after processing.

4. stable supply.

5. low defects ratio.

6. available jumbo sizes for thick glass; ideal choice for commercial buildings.

product specifications

                              thickness           max. size             min. size

clear float glass 1.8mm~25mm 3300mm×6500mm  500mm×700mm

jumbo sizes        12mm~25mm 3300mm×12500mm           ---

detailed parameters


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