product introduction:

dlhr is a high sheet resistance coated glass product developed by syp dalian through diligent research, with online cvd (chemical vapor deposit) technology, this product has outstanding durability while applied electricity and amazing sheet resistance uniformity on large area, which greatly reduces the unevenness of heating generated by electricity. dlhr is certificated with more than 20 examination items of performance evaluation and safety inspection, fulfilling any requirement from our customers.

product characteristics

online hard coating and not easy to oxidize and fade. 

more uniform compared with ito less heat strain and breakage, no film burned.

superb anti-fog and anti-condensation performance

neutral color appearance and high transmission

high durability and easily handling, easily processing (cutting, lamination, tempering)

good durability of film under high voltage application 

good uniformity of sheet resistance

timely supply and prompt delivery date (saving time=saving money)

customized sheet resistance

product specifications

product series:dlhr70, dlhr180, dlhr250

thickness:standard thickness is 2.0mm、2.5mm、3.0mm、4mm、5mm

standard sizes:3300mm x 2140mm, 3300mm x 2440mm (non-standard sizes & jumbo sizes are available upon request)

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