product introduction:

dlsy is a pyrolytic, coated glass which has thin metal oxides by online cvd(chemical vapor deposition) technology and it provides both of excellent properties; solar control and thermal insulation. dlsy has characteristics of low exterior reflection and color-neutral appearance, and it can be applied for high end architectural design and sophisticated aesthetics requirement. in winter, dlsy prevents heat loss and keeps the indoor climate at an even temperature.

in summer,dlsy provides excellent solar shading and thus reduces the heat from sunshine to keep the inside cooler

product characteristics

online hard coating

stable, virtually unlimited shelf life, long life performance

neutral color appearance, visual comfort and low light reflection

high durability, easy handling & easy processing (cutting, laminating, tempering, bending, screen-printing)

can be used as single glazing (surface position#2)

no edge film deletion and no special handling requirement for igu

product specifications


standard thickness is 5mm、6mm.8mm、10mm&12mm

standard sizes

3 3 0 0 m m x 2 1 4 0 m m ,3 3 0 0 m m x 2 44 0 m m &3300mmx5100mm

(non-standard sizes & jumbo sizes are available upon request)

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