product introduction:

dlsy48 is a new line-up of syp online coated glass products. it has the typical energy saving property of dlsy, moreover the excellent solar shading performance of dlsy48 makes the best-fit for window application in summer hot and winter warm zone and also the environment which solar shading is required. at the condition of 6(pos.2) 12(air) 6mm,sc value withdlsy48 drops to 0.48

besides high solar shading,dlsy48 also has low emissivity performance, that means it shows good balance of solar shading and thermal insulation.

the neutral greyish blue appearance expands the color range of syp online coated glass products, and it's also suitable for privacy view and fashion aesthetics of modern architectures.

product characteristics

online hard coating

cool neutral color and privacy appearance effect

high solar energy shading (low sc value)

low emissivity function for thermal insulation

long and stable performance life (before and after processing)

high durability, easy handling & processing(cutting,laminating,tempering,bending,screen-printing)

no film deletion and no special handling requirement for igu

product specifications


standard thickness is 4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm&12mm

standard sizes

3 3 0 0 m m x 2 1 4 0 m m ,3 3 0 0 m m x 2 44 0 m m &3300mmx5100mm

(non-standard sizes & jumbo sizes are available upon request)

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